‘Glee 3D’ concert movie cuts the music

By Teresa Velasco


Based on the FOX television show, “Glee, the Glee 3D Concert Movie,” centers around a high school glee club comprised mainly of misfits and outcasts performing the show’s famous songs.

Unfortunately, many of the songs performed are cut out, as well as dialogue to make room for the movie’s rather long documentaries on three young “Glee” fans. The fans talk about how they can relate to the show by experiencing what it’s like to be bullied or embarrassed by who they are, but because of the show, they have learned to accept themselves.

Although many of these stories are quite touching, the 100-minute movie was only about an  hour worth of concert — which was too short considering the actual concert was more than two hours long. Why they cut out half of such a great concert baffles me.

With every song performed you can truly see just how talented the cast is. From dance numbers, harmonies and solos, every song is on pitch and more than fills up their sold-out arenas.

But sadly, after every two songs or sometimes just one, there would be an immediate blackout and then you would see some young fan that begins telling his or her story about how “Glee” changed their life. While I don’t believe a television show has this capability, I also have a problem with the movie making so many references to a single fan when the movie is called “Glee the 3D Concert.” Call me crazy, but a fan’s story is not what I expected to see.

Their wardrobe was also quite surprising as they used much of the exact clothing from the show, which if you haven’t seen, looks like something you would find at Macy’s or even Ross. Their wardrobe is actually humorous at times, with the entire cast in one number wearing jeans, navy crocodile polos, and Converse shoes. Another time, they were wearing the exact same outfit but added a baby blue silk jacket with a glittering blue G on the right side. I got a couple of laughs out of this look because you can imagine some of the guys would cringe to put them on. Not exactly the show-stopping wardrobe you would expect but like I said it gave me a few laughs and the songs were really what it was all about.

Even the solos were spot on. Considering this was many of the cast’s first time performing at their own headlining tour, nerves definitely did not get the best of them. Mark Salling, who plays Puck Puckerman, both sings and plays on the electric guitar, Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls,” and he truly had the look and sound of a real rock star. This cast can do more than act and sing on TV, but know how to work a sold-out crowd.

Considering many fans were unable to see this concert in person because the cast only toured in 15 cities, you would think letting the full two-hour concert run through with some backstage pranks would have sufficed for the movie. But the fact they had to cut the concert by almost half, made me feel like I was watching a movie about the fans instead of the talented cast. I’m not saying the movie is not worth seeing. If you are a true “Glee” fan, you will love everything about it. But if you are just in it for the music, don’t hold your breath.

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Teresa Velasco

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