Freshman captures crown as Miss Teen San Antonio

By Amanda Cruz-Lombrana


“Miss Teen San Antonio” 2014 is Selena Aguilar, a freshman communication arts major concentrating in bilingual communication.

Aguilar, 18, was among an estimated 900 young ladies involved in the preliminaries — 500 in her division — and 70 contestants selected for the Pageantry with a Purpose that took place last December at Judson Performing Arts Center.

Aguilar, a San Antonio native who has been acting since she was 12, said she absolutely loves being on stage.

“Before I signed with my first agent she already had a ‘go-see,’ which is a modeling audition, that she wanted me to attend from just seeing my headshots,” Aguilar said. “I booked it. So my first job was actually in modeling which is crazy because acting is what I wanted to do. Since then I have always made time to take on any modeling that comes my way because I really enjoy the atmosphere.”

For the December pageant, Aguilar said enjoyed shopping for her pageant dress and meeting new people.

“I definitely believe that being Miss Teen San Antonio this year will benefit my career in the long run. Networking is huge. It’s all about who you know in this industry and being Miss Teen San Antonio will open up so many doors.”

Aguilar said she plans to continue her passion for acting professionally. She also has her sights set on becoming Nuestra Belleza Latina 2019, a modeling pageantry hosted annually by Univision.

“I come from a home with a single mom that has gone above and beyond to get my brother and I ahead,” she said. “My mom is actually a foster parent, so aside from raising my brother and I she is also usually raising eight other children. Moving to California was always a dream but never an option. Instead my mom so kindly paid to have me trained so that when I graduated I could choose what it is I wanted to do.”

Aguilar said she is considering competing for the Miss Fiesta Pageant especially because of the talent category. Despite not being able to compete for Miss Teen Texas, due to the 18-year-old and younger requirement, Miss San Antonio is still on her list. In December, Aguilar plans to compete for a national pageant in Florida. People can follow her journey as Miss Teen San Antonio on Instagram and Twitter at @selenaaguilar

“Pageants are an amazing experience,” Aguilar said. “They are not all glitz and glamour like you see on TV. They are a tremendous amount of work and you have to be in it for all the right reasons. If you’re doing it just to have a title it’s not worth it. With your title comes a voice and a great deal of responsibility. I guess it’s the same for anything you do. You should never do anything to feel you are better than anyone else. You have to stay humble and stay you.”


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