‘Fortnite’ bringing in gaggle of gamers

By Diego Ortega

The newest gaming sensation, “Fortnite,” is getting attention worldwide from celebrities and athletes, but why is this game so popular?

When “Pokémon Go” was released in July 2016, it quickly gained worldwide coverage and became the focal point of everyone’s conversations.

Today, we have a new game with even more influence: “Fortnite.”

Epic Games’ “Fortnite” is a battle-royale video game that allows players to jump onto an island and fight for survival. The game flourishes on its creative art style and building mechanics.

The player’s objective is to look for weapons, armor and building supplies while surviving attacks from other players and avoiding a deadly closing storm.

As the game progresses and enough resources are gathered, the player can create forts and walls for coverage against enemies. These instances are recorded to be shared for social media.

All age groups have been drawn to the game’s fast-paced environment and accessible shooting scheme.

Recently, celebrities such as Drake, and athletes such as Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver John William “JuJu” Smith-Schuster, among others, have been posting videos of their “Fortnite” frenzy across social media platforms.

Parents have brought their concerns to the media regarding the extensive hours their children have been playing the game. Additionally, with the recent mobile releases of the game, some school Wi-Fi systems are crashing due to a large number of students playing the game.

It is evident this game has created a unique community and has gained traction which some developers can only dream of.

But can we believe “Fortnite” is here to stay? Like “Pokémon Go,” is this only a fad that will go away in a few months?

This will depend on Epic Games’ plan going forward with the game.

The company’s progression system, “battle pass,” is a great addition that allows players to complete objectives throughout their games and get in-game rewards in the form of cosmetic items. This is something its major competitor, “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” lacks.

“PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” is finding itself in a race against time to innovate and continues to service the game. However, Epic Games must continue to develop the game because the battle pass will not be enough to keep gamers interested.

It is unclear what the next move for “Fortnite” is — but right now the game is basking in its glory. This game has a tremendous following with more than 40 million players. Being one of the first companies to market before the fall-gaming season, Epic Games cannot let go of this advantage over its competitors.

It is likely we will get a more detailed vision of the game in this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in June where they will hold a “Fortnite” tournament with celebrities and professional gamers.

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