Five vowels: ‘A’ for ‘Mom’

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Welcome back, Cardinals! And welcome to all the new members of our Cardinal family.

This semester I want to write about the five vowels for my column series. Today I want to tell you about the letter A.

The letter A is synonymous with “Mom.”A is the first letter of the alphabet and the first of the list of vowels. It’s usually the first letter we learn when we begin to read.

When I think of my mom she is usually the one leading the way. Heck, she’s been leading me since I was born and held me as soon as I entered the world.

When we begin to learn the English language, we notice A as the connecting letter: cat, bat, rat, flat. Without A, much of our daily vocabulary wouldn’t make sense, and without mom in the midst of things we would feel a little incomplete.

Moms connect us to the world. She allowed us to host friends at our house for sleepovers, go to the movies without her in middle school and taught us to say please and thank you to adults.

Moms connect us to the world. A is one of the three articles (a, an, the). So not only is “A” a letter, it’s also a word. Will A show up as a vowel or will it begin a sentence? There are endless opportunities for A to appear!

And like A, moms appear wherever, whenever and however she is needed. Moms are gardeners, errand-runners,
cheerleaders, movie-watchers
and so much more!

And let’s be real, she could probably do all of those things back-toback because she is a multitasker. Is there anything she can’t handle? A is also the grade we strive for (or at least try to) in school. It symbolizes perfection (or completion), success and a bright future ahead.

Every mom’s goal is for their child to be successful with a bright future in sight. In my experience, however,
this didn’t imply my future career. My mom wanted me to be successful in daily ways and mini-victories.

Buying a purse with a zipper, surfing because I haven’t done it before, bringing a hat for safe measure and keeping track of my credit are all things my mom taught me and have helped me live a better lifestyle.

The letter A begins words, begins sentences, connects words, and helps us reach our dreams. Moms begin life for us, begin new chapters, connect us to people who help us along the way and help us reach our biggest life goals. She watches us grow as independent young adults and possibly start a new chapter for another little one someday.

To parents leaving their child for college for the first time, thank you.

Thank you for bringing your child to a new chapter in their life. At some point before now you showed your child what it’s like to dream big, and this is a new step towards that goal.

To freshmen, strive for those A’s both in class and in life. Figure out which A’s are worth striving for. Know what your goal is and if it changes a little then don’t worry. You can always call home. I’m sure mom’s waiting for that phone call.

As a previous freshman I can tell you that we appreciate and love you. And for what it counts, I’m here for you too.

I might not know you or know if you read this column, but I am praying and rooting for you. E-mail me with any questions you might have.

A. It’s a new chapter. New word. Make something of it.


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