Fall in love with Fall

By: Chloe Gil

I personally love fall weather! The air is crisper, the leaves change color, and I’m able to justify why I need more clothes in my closet.

This fall we’re looking at rich reds paired with neutrals like tans, greys, greens and blacks.

There are plenty of items you can add to your closet to spice up your fall wardrobe and I’m here to list a few.

Cropped trousers were pushed in spring and summer, but they aren’t going anywhere for fall. We live in jeans and leggings; give a pair of tailored trousers a shot. It will add instant polish for work or a night out. They look great with a long T, sweaters and turtlenecks. For this season, add warmer fabrications – like tweed, jacquards and wools – to get that autumn feel.

Now that it’s finally boot season I couldn’t be happier! Modern combat boots have made their way back into mainstream fashion. This time around they’re tough looking with studs and buckles, yet super stylish with laces and patterned materials. Pair them nicely with some cropped skinny bottoms for a rocker-look or pair them with a feminine dress for a chic look.

Next, add a tuxedo style blazer into your closet. Each season there’s a new take on blazers – now it’s time for the tuxedo-inspired blazer. Not only can this be worn day to night, but it can follow you year-round if you’re smart about it. Instead of choosing the trendy color-blocked one, go for the classic looking one.

Leather sweatpants are another bottom to consider this season. It may seem like a total trend item but it has staying power. Think of how versatile they can be: wear them to work, on the weekends, or out for drinks. Their comfort and style will do all the talking.

Make yourself fashionably punctual with a menswear watch. These have been “in” for a while so if you haven’t splurged on one yet, now is the time. Think of it as the bangle you’ll never have to take off.

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