‘Destiny 2’ delivers on promise

By Diego Ortega


“Destiny 2” has been released and has returned with the best from the series while eliminating the majority of problems that plagued the original game. “D2” is an improvement on the first game in every aspect from visual upgrades to quality-of-life improvements such as fast travel.

The skeleton of the game is much like the original but with improved textures and plenty of activities to enjoy with your fire team. One of the biggest setbacks of the first “Destiny” was its repetitiveness. While that repetitiveness remains part of the game, it feels far from being tedious or a chore. This is in part because of the newest additions to activities available. Patrols, story missions, strikes and crucible all make a return and have added smaller experiences such as adventures and lost sectors which are rewarding activities that promote exploration.

Also, Bungie has included a much larger arsenal and exotic quests to keep the player busy.

This time around the studio has created a timeline that will update weekly activities and equipment available to give players incentive to log on and continue the grind. The newest crucible format of 4 v 4 has made an interesting change for the series.

The crucible is now tactical and team-oriented which in return is rewarding when playing in a clan or group of friends, but can be unwelcoming to solo players.

The newest additions to the game have been positive overall and deliver on the studio’s original vision for the game. The sequel has also introduced a story campaign that is brief, interesting and fun.

The campaign in “D2” serves more as an introduction to the game’s MMO style features and gameplay loop to new players while creating a fan service to the hardcore fan base. The story introduces a new villain who is important and relevant to the game, and the cut scene’s cinematic feel makes this experience worthwhile.

The campaign is reminiscent of the Halo campaigns. While this comparison may not be to scale, Bungie adapted important elements such as the importance of having a villain with presence and a balance of different scenarios such as close gunplay, vehicle mayhem, sniper-focused missions, and boss battles.

This balance is something Bungie is known for along with its top-of-theclass, first- person-shooter mechanics. Bungie seems to have found the perfect formula for rewarding gunplay and merging the modern first-person shooter with the old school.

Finding ammo in the middle of a boss fight and trying to find cover is fun, but looking at the cabal captain’s white bar go down and into the red as the player reloads for the final shot is addicting. “Destiny 2” seems to have found what Diablo 3 has had for many years: excellent gameplay with an addicting progression system.

When the studio originally announced the 10-year plan for the franchise, many doubted “Destiny” would make it in a market with an abundance of FPS’s, but “Destiny 2” is proof the game is here to stay and will change the genre going forward.


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