‘Degree’ signs need new design

By April Lynn Newell


A couple of weeks ago, as I pulled out of my parking place on the hill, I noticed our new sign.

“Great,” I thought. “UIW is exercising PR and pride!”

Then I looked at the sign.

One peer commented all it needed was a “My Little Pony” sticker. I, personally, find it absolutely embarrassing. When I remembered the job fair on March 10, I became mortified. My potential-future employers might see this advertisement that is posted all over campus.

The Logos has broached a topic similar to this when UIW presented our slogan, “It’s not a diploma, it’s a degree,” and we questioned what’s the difference between a diploma and a degree? I am very proud of UIW for changing the slogan to “The Degree,” telling prospective students that a degree from UIW is valuable.

However, I must broach my issues with our new signs. I understand the shooting star symbolizing opportunity and perseverance, but it is still juvenile. After all, “shoot/reach for the stars” is a phrase we hear as children not as scholars. The rainbow tail of the shooting star is what ruins the sign for me as it takes me back to memories of third grade and Lisa Frank.

If we are advertising ourselves as valuable, respected and professional, shouldn’t our advertisements portray these characteristics?

Before the shooting star we had several “Degree” signs around campus sporting our colors. While boring, these signs exude more professionalism than a rainbow shooting star.

Here’s a suggestion, ask a PR student from the Business or Design schools to design an advertisement, one we can be proud of as we walk through campus, one that is worthy of a university and not an elementary school.

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April Newell


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