CVS plans to tow illegal parkers

By Victoria O’Connor


The new CVS Pharmacy at Broadway and Burr is welcoming University of the Incarnate Word students as customers but it’s planning on putting a stop to those parking there illegally.

Open since December, the pharmacy already has a problem with students taking up spaces on the parking lot, CVS Manager Phillip Roussim said.

“There was one time when we first opened and it had rained,” Roussim recounted. “My entire parking lot was filled with cars, but when I walked into my building, I did not have one customer. My staff informed me that it was the students (at UIW). I understand when it rains that nobody wants to walk that far, but when I pull in at 7:30 in the morning my whole parking lot is filled with cars.”

CVS employees have already voiced the issue to UIW administrators who have made shopping visits to the neighborhood business in hopes of bringing awareness to the issue.

Signs are currently being made and will be displayed on the premises. After the signs are created, there will be a possibility of the student vehicles being towed away if rules are not followed.

“What will end up happening is that we are having signs made because I don’t want to tow anyone until they are posted,” Roussim said. “We have them made. We are just waiting on approval from my corporate office.”

Though Roussim said he does not want to upset students, he believes his main priority should be his customers.

“I hate doing this but at the same time I have to think of my customers,” Roussim said. “When they can’t find parking, they will end up pulling away. That’s not fair to them. What ends up happening is throughout the day we get students that are coming in and out of classes. Some do stop in and shop, then go to class, but leave their vehicle here.”

Some students agree with CVS’s policy on student parking, but believe the campus should improve its own parking.

“Before it was CVS, it was the Admissions Building,” Amanda Burgos Claudio, a junior nuclear medicine major said. “There wasn’t much parking there either so I don’t see the problem. I don’t see why CVS would [want] the students [to] park [there] in the first place because it takes away from possible customers. The problem with parking is that there isn’t enough on campus.”

Roussim said he hopes CVS having to take such measures doesn’t make students feel less welcome.

“The students that do come in I enjoy them shopping here,” Roussim said. “They are very respectful students, so I’m really hoping that it does not affect our business with them. We’re here for you. We want people to come shop here. We want students to come shop here. Students that do come in, we let them know that vehicles will be towed if left in the parking lot in advance.”