Congressman: Make your voice heard on #DropThatDebt

By U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett

I applaud you on your acceptance to UIW and on your decision to become a Cardinal. I know your campus is full of active, engaged students, including a fellow Cardinal who will be interning this fall in my San Antonio office just off West Travis Street.

Civic involvement should last a lifetime, and I encourage you to get started early. It is particularly important to show your strong support for education. Too many Texans encounter financial barriers to higher education, and too many others leave college with a mountain of debt.

Keep interest rates low/financial aid high. You have much at stake in Washington. I have supported legislation to avoid the doubling of interest rates on federal loans and to continue adequate funding for Pell Grants and other types of federal student financial assistance. We continue to face big challenges from those who do not believe in federal aid to education and who oppose adequate funding for student aid. I believe that an investment in you is an investment in the future of America, but to maintain that investment, it is essential that you continue to make your voices heard.

Make your voice heard! #DropThatDebt. 

What do you think about the rising student loan burden? Share information about how student loan debt after graduation will affect you so I can share your thoughts, stories and ideas with my colleagues. You can e-mail me at, send me a message on my website at, tweet at me using @RepLloydDoggett (don’t forget the #DropThatDebt hashtag!), or post a photo of yourself with your story on my Facebook page at I want to hear from you, the students affected by the doubling interest rates on your student loans.

My efforts to make college more affordable for you.  I successfully authored the “More Education” tax credit to encourage those seeking education beyond high school. Also known as the American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC), this law provides a tax cut to students or their families by up to $10,000 over four years as reimbursement for tuition, textbooks, and other higher education expenses. This $2,500 annual credit can go a long way toward helping make ends meet. Earlier this year, I introduced legislation to make this tax credit permanent and to make it work better for students who also receive Pell Grants.

Get involved as an intern. Throughout your time here, I look forward to seeing you when I am in San Antonio participating in community events and holding my “neighborhood office hours.” I also encourage students to get involved as interns in my San Antonio and Washington, D.C., offices. I am always looking for students to help me serve the community. Interested in an internship? Please visit my website at and click on “Students” under the “Serving You” tab to find out how to apply.

I wish you a successful year!


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