College survival guide 101

By Bianca Guzman

LOGOS Opinions Editor/Business Manager

The life of a collegiate is not a walk in the park.

I would like to think most of the student body would agree with me on this and I’m sure there are those who would disagree. Regardless, it can get tough sometimes and when you think you have everything under control, you can slip. I’m here to tell you that it’s OK and things happen. You’re only human and as humans, we don’t come with guides or manuals that give us direction.

I’m going to share with you a few guidelines I have been following since my freshman year. If you’d care to know, as I’ve been following these guidelines I am now ready for my final semester in the spring and I only now feel organized. But enough of the chit-chat, here’s a few tips.

  1. Try your best to stay ORGANIZED. Organization really is key, and like I said I only now feel like things are organized. Just try to keep up with everything, whether it is school or a part-time job, stay on top of things and make sure things get done.
  2. NEVER EVER take on more than you can handle. This is geared more towards the freshmen just because I see this happen frequently. I know you’re eager to hurry up and get doing on that wonderful track to graduation, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to register for 18 hours, then end up dropping a portion of your classes because you’ve burned yourself out. Just take it easy and do what you can.
  3. Don’t be NERVOUS or SCARED to ask for help. It’s out there. It truly is. They all say it and I even noticed professors say it as well. Don’t wait till the last minute to ask for help. If you need it immediately, then just simply ask.
  4. Take the time to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Seriously. I know it’s sometimes exhausting after a long day of school, and if you work it can seem even longer. But just eating better by choosing those good ol’ fruits and veggies over fried foods can make a big difference. Also, try to take some time to work out for a few minutes in between classes or every day. The Wellness Center is free for students. And fight that lack of sleep so there is no “lack” at all.
  5. KEEP IN TOUCH with friends and family. Don’t seclude yourself. Being a full-time college student makes it hard to communicate with others sometimes. Your life can become nothing but homework, endless amounts of term papers and projects. Just take some time out of the day to hang out or chat with a friend or family member. We bask in the wave of technology, so our wonderful social networks make communication quick and easy as a “hello.”
  6. TREAT YOURSELF! Enough said. You work hard and you deserve a break now and again. College is about having fun and studying like crazy, but mostly having fun. Go to campus events and get involved. Enjoy these years because they only happen once.


OK.  I know six is a weird number to stop on but I do have a few important things to say to the seniors or anyone who is close to graduation.

  1. Stick with the degree plan you’ve been following since you were admitted into UIW. If you have the bulletin, save it. Things happen. Just sayin’.
  2. Do those community service hours and turn them in ASAP.
  3. Apply for graduation before the deadline so you get your audit as early as possible.
  4. If there is a discrepancy anywhere — whether it be a substitution not showing or a class you need but you really don’t, GET IT TAKEN CARE OF. Don’t wait.
  5. Pay your fees,
  6. Don’t get Ds. Stray away from the easy Cs. And strive for more than a B.
  7. Most importantly, be proud of yourself. Once you register for your last semester, you’ll feel relieved. Or when you walk the stage. Either way, you did it.
  8.  So those are just a few tips on surviving college. Of course there are more tips on College Survival 101, but I’m just giving you a few for now. And also remember, get some sleep, people!

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