Cherish your pets

BPriscilla-Aguirrey Priscilla Aguirre


Pets come and go. That’s life.

I’ve dealt with the death of a pet before and I wasn’t really fazed by it. But when my dog passed away a month ago, it hurt. She left with no warning and in a matter of minutes.

The first time I saw her was at the Humane Society. She had just come in that day and through the cage you just saw a black lab retriever staring right at you. The reason my boyfriend and I adopted her was because of her eyes. When we looked in her brown glowing eyes, you couldn’t help but feel happiness.

Lana was her name. Every time anyone met her she would welcome him or her with nothing but playfulness. Her arms would wrap around your waist and hug you, while her tail wagged with excitement. Sometimes I would have to apologize for her craziness, but that’s the way she was. She had so much love to give.

She would forgive you right away if you ever got mad at her. She once chewed up about seven phone chargers in a month, and I was furious. No treats for her. When I was done yelling at her she would give you a look of pure sadness. I couldn’t stay mad. Not at her face. The moment she saw my smile she would come up to lick me to say she was sorry.

When I tucked her in at night in her kennel, she never wanted me to leave. The amount of effort it took to put her in the kennel was ridiculous, but needed. I would tell her, “Be a good girly.” Then she would give a big yawn that squeaked every time and get snuggled up. It was hard to walk away from her because of those eyes.

The way she ate was too funny. When I fed her, I would have to stand there until she was done. She wouldn’t eat if nobody were there. Either my boyfriend or I had to be there to cheer her on, telling her, “That’s a good girl” or “Eat your food, girly.” It was so cute. I felt needed.

Lana knew when I was sad or upset. She would comfort me with her happiness and in the moment I felt like everything was going to be OK. It’s true when people say dogs are great at being there for you. She brought joy to everyone with her cleverness and cheerfulness.

We used to go on runs together and that was my time with her. She would pull on that leash so hard I had to run to keep up with her. Every time somebody was outside she would use all her strength to go meet him or her. Her strength was amazing and inspiring.

Before her, I never considered myself a dog person but she changed that about me.

When she died, it didn’t really hit me. I cried but not too much. I kept thinking positive and tried not to think about it.

But on Easter, I went on my first run without her. It felt different. I felt empty. Once I realized my workout buddy was gone I stopped running. But I just imagined her by me and my feet started jogging again. I imagined her pulling on the leash, making me hurry up and run.

She made me feel comfortable and loved. I was myself around her and she still loved me. She’s not with us anymore but she lives within our hearts. The memories we shared together will never be forgotten. Every time I feel empty or lost I imagine her beside me uplifting me.

Pets come and go. That’s life. But cherish them. Love and remember them while they are here. They can leave without warning and when that happens it hurts. Lana, you will be missed and never replaced.


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