Checking transmission pays off

By Gaby Gonzales


Do you have $1,200 to spare? Probably not. A lot of students live paycheck to paycheck and spending large amounts of money that is unplanned is like the end of the world sometimes.

In order to avoid unplanned spending on your vehicle, make sure you get a transmission service performed close to every 30,000 miles. Your transmission transfers energy from the engine to the wheels. The transmission is what puts your vehicle into motion. If you have an automatic transmission, it shifts gears for you.

Rebuilding an automatic transmission is a huge pain and is most often very, very expensive. The most important thing you can have done is a simple transmission service. Changing the transmission fluid can save you costly repairs in the long run.

Transmission fluid cools as well as cleans the internal parts of the transmission. Over time your gears can wear off pieces of metal that will contaminate the transmission fluid. So changing the fluid is a must and can be very simple if you are willing to learn.

Remember, it is always important to check your fluid levels every time you change your vehicle’s motor oil.  It is highly recommended you change your transmission fluid on a regular schedule as you do with motor oil.

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