Celebration heralds ‘Year of the Dragon’


By Veronica Riojas


The Year of the Dragon, a symbol of power, success and happiness, officially kicked off at the University of the Incarnate Word on Tuesday, Jan. 24, with the Asian New Year.

The celebration – emceed by Dong Dong Yang, a student from China Incarnate Word — in Marian Hall Ballroom included music, dancing, cultural presentations, food, and a fashion show. The ballroom was packed to the brim with students and faculty lining up to observe the various forms of dance and music, and to sample various types of Asian cuisine, provided by Sodexo. From kimchi to dumplings, the variety of food was endless.

“The food is so different than I’m used to, but it is delicious,” Becky Rodriguez, a freshman and newcomer to the celebration, said.

The lion dance, one of the most anticipated performances, was performed by the San Antonio Lion Dance Association. Some of the other performances included bamboo flute music, Japan Koto music, the Chinese orchestra and Indian Bollywood dance. These performances were made possible by the Chinese Culture performance Association, Japan America Society of San Antonio, the UIW Asian Culture Club and History Club.

“It is great to get insight into different cultures and realize that not everyone celebrates holidays similarly,” Sarah Johnson, an international business major, said.

One of the many booths allowed participants to get a hands-on experience of the art of Asian culture by making their own origami figures. The energy at the festival was just as vibrant as the many colors of the decorations adorning the walls. Many took notice of the beautiful and colorful decor, especially Andres Garza.

“I love the colors and decorations,” Garza said. They remind me of my family.”

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