Cardinal’s Call cries for users

I would like to inform everyone in the UIW community about the Cardinal’s Call, the PowerPoint presentation that is displayed on Channel 15 in residence halls and on the plasma screens around campus.

The Cardinal’s Call is available for student organizations to promote their UIW events.

It’s free publicity, so why not?

No matter whether you’re scheduling a bake sale or a gala, it’s another great way to get the word out to everyone. They can come buy a cupcake or purchase a ticket to attend.

It’s updated every weekday, usually by 9:30 in the morning, so while you’re brushing your teeth or getting dressed, you can turn it on and see what’s going to be happening that day. And KUIW Internet Radio provides the audio portion of the station, all for your listening enjoyment.

We include all sorts of info, such as Mass schedules, important academic deadlines, athletics events and university activities. We also include photos from recent events — so you might see your face on the screen!

As I mentioned, it’s free to publicize all UIW events. Student events need to be approved by the Office of Campus Life, so send your announcements to Dr. Angela McPherson “Dr. Mac” Williams at or Chaye Pena at for approval. After your event is approved, they will forward the information for inclusion on the Cardinal’s Call.

Be sure to include all the information, like the name of your event, where and when it will be, how much it costs, and who to contact if anyone has questions about it. And don’t forget to update us if there are any changes or cancelations!

I hope everyone will start using this service regularly to inform the UIW community and keep up-to-date with the campus goings-on.

Ashley Festa, UIW Publications Coordinator


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