CAB throws block party

By Victoria O’Connor


The Campus Activities Board helped kick off the second semester with a block party Jan. 13 near Ann Barshop Natatorium parking lot.

Students came from all over campus to enjoy music, games, food and friends as they attended CAB’s first event of the semester.

“I think [the party] turned out great, an overall great way to start off the semester,” CAB President Victoria Escamilla said. “We just wanted a chill experience, nothing super-crazy. This is really the simplest idea we could come up with, but we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback. I heard people are having a good time, and that’s all I really wanted.”

Students were lined up throughout the night to try out food given out by three local food trucks — Amore Pizza, Lone Star Kettle Corn and Chamoy City Limits.

“It’s very simple, people come out to get food and hang out with some good ambiance,” Escamilla said. “We had used Lone Star Kettle Corn in one of our past events, “Wicked.” Amore Pizza is across from Cheesy Jane’s, and I don’t know where we found Chamoy City Limits, but they are pretty local and were excited to help work with us.”

Though CAB had advertised its block party with posters on campus, the music they heard from KUIW DJs was enough to reel students in.

“I just heard the music when I was walking by, so I thought I would just stop in and see if I saw any of my friends,” senior John Dunne said. “When I saw them, we just sat together and ate some pizza. Overall I thought the event was good. It’s a different idea, so it’s cool to see CAB branching out.”

Dunne said he not only thought the block party was a success, but a great way to talk with other students.

“It’s a good way to do ice breakers, get to know people,” Dunne said. “What better way to talk to someone than over the common interest of food? CAB pretty much nailed it.”

Freshman Valerie Luna said the party offered a fun chance to meet new people.

“I think whenever you go to events like that, there is always a whole bunch of people, and you end up talking to more people than you expect,” Luna said. “I guess that’s how you meet new people — at least for me it is. I thought the event was really fun.”

CAB hopes to plan more events like the block party in the future, and possibly change up a few things.

“We might just keep planning events like this along with learning a few elements with experience,” Escamilla said. “We did have the photo booth and jenga, but maybe next time we could add another outdoor game like Cornhole, or something like that.”


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