CAB outlines goals for year

A Campus Activities Board leader who has been involved in planning events since she was a freshman is now the group’s president.

“I am incredibly excited and honored to have attained this position,” said Lyndsey Reyna, a junior communication arts major from Corpus Christi. “The board has five new officers as well as a new adviser and director. As the school year begins, I have no doubt that this entire team will make this year an unforgettable one for CAB.”

Melissa Sayre, judicial educator for the Office of Campus Life, has now taken over the additional role of advising CAB as well as being a student development specialist.

Reyna said her main goal as president for the year is to give CAB higher visibility.

“I want everything we do to be better than last year so that we may be able to draw more students to our events. Everything from our advertisement(s) to our personal outreach to students will be taken further than it has been in the past. We are implementing many new ideas and promotions that will help make CAB successful. As a board we plan to reach out to every student possible on this campus. Whether they are underclassmen, on-campus residents, commuters, foreign, or graduate, we want to see them at CAB events.”

Other CAB officers and their goals include:

Vice President: Victoria Enriquez, a junior accounting major from El Paso. Goal: “My goals for this semester would have to be ‘Have fun!’ (I want to) make every event a memorable experience not just for me but all the people who attend and help out. Also (I want) to make each event a successful one not just because of me but for the school, in respect to representing the school well and how it should be.

Director of Spirit and Traditions: Sandy Arroyo, a senior bilingual communication arts major from Laredo. Goal: “Through my time at UIW I have seen CAB grow a tremendous amount and become a tradition that students look forward to ever semester. Coming back as the Spirit and Traditions officer I will step it up a notch and make more students aware of everything we do as CAB and why. This year’s officers have already shown a great heart for all our planned events and I know students who didn’t know much of CAB before, will be aware of who the Campus Activities Board is and that we’re here to make their time at UIW the best possible!”

Director of Communication: Amanda Pitts, a senior communication arts major concentrating in media studies from Alice, Texas. Goal: “A major goal for Campus Activities Board is to bring all UIW students together. Not only do we want to achieve attendance of students who live on campus, but commuters as well. As a division of Campus Life, we are taking the vision of unity and setting out to make it a reality. It is imperative for students to take pride with our school and colors and unite as a community for our overall well-being and growth. Through our events, we hope to make this unity possible. As the director of communications, I plan to set forth our goal and make certain that all of our events welcome and accommodate all students.”

Director of Diversity Programming: Cristal Gonzalez, a sophomore finance major from Houston. Goal: “I am excited to finally get involved at UIW this school year as Campus Activities Board’s director of diversity programming. Last year was a blessing to be able to meet new people and have new experiences. This year as (a) CAB officer I plan to give all my sweat and hard work to making our events unforgettable. We have many events planned for you! Our job is to make your stress alleviate just a little and just have a good time with your friends. With a new crowd of students attending UIW, it is without a doubt that this year will be different. I know that a key to accomplishing all of my goals is through time management, organization, persistence, and hard work. I hope that through my actions I can be a leader to those around me and inspire those who may need it the most.”

Director of Entertainment: Joseph Whitacre, a junior pre-pharmacy major from McAllen, Texas. Goal: “This year we plan to take CAB (to) a whole new level. I hope to bring creative and fun ideas that will keep students excited and energetic. Promoting unity and spirit is one of my main goals this year. I feel it’s important that everyone on the UIW campus feel like a family. CAB hopes to bring new events to campus and enhance the events that CAB is already known for. This will be my first year being a part of CAB and I anticipate that it will be great fun and also that the events we put on will be fun and entertaining for a large number of students at UIW. I look forward to seeing everyone around campus and at every CAB event!”

Director of External Affairs: Dominique Hunter, a sophomore nursing major from San Antonio. Goal: CAB has tons of great and exciting things planned for this upcoming year. With the new group of students in office we have a bunch of fresh new ideas to put on the table so each event we put on is that much better than the last. As the director of External Affairs, my main focus for this year is trying to get our committee members more involved with our activities. Whether, it’s from working at the events or just voicing their ideas at our meetings. Their input only makes CAB that much better by involving the student body from beginning to end. This year is going to ‘LEGIT’ as CAB would say it but it all starts with the students coming out and enjoying these free events we put on for them. So just come out and see all the exciting things we have planned for this year.”

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