Book chronicles Agnese’s legacy as UIW president

 By Crystal Moncivais


Agnese Book CoverAs the president of the University of the Incarnate Word, Dr. Louis J. Agnese Jr. is the focus of a book about his life and history at UIW since 1985.

The board of trustees believed the book would be a great idea to chronicle the history of the university and Agnese to mark his silver anniversary as president. The title of the book is “Lou: From Brooklyn to Broadway, The University of the Incarnate Word’s 25 Years with Dr. Louis J. Agnese Jr.”

    The author of the book, Dr. Patricia A. Watkins, retired last year as vice president for international programs. She formerly was principal of Incarnate Word High School and dean of the Dreeben School of Education.

Agnese asked Watkins if she would take the project of becoming the author to his book. Since Watkins had written a couple of other books, she had experience under her belt.

“Pat has been with me since 1988 so she has kind of lived through a lot of my time here at Incarnate Word, so she’d make a good author,” Agnese said.

“We spent a lot of time together over the last year,” Agnese said. “Dr. Watkins has also spent a long time with Mickey, my wife, who has lots of scrapbooks, lots of information. A lot of other people that have been here over that period of time are still here and have kind of lived through it as well. So Dr. Watkins has probably interviewed a couple hundred people in the writing of the book. So it has been a very interesting voyage.”

Agnese said he’s honored to have been selected for the book and he is grateful and excited to show students on campus at UIW that anything can be accomplished with hard work and effort.

“I think that the book should be an inspiration for all of our students here at UIW and that they realize they have the potential to do anything they really want to do as long as they put the effort towards it,” Agnese said. “I think it’s great that the book talks about my background and where I came from. My parents were immigrants to the United States and I was a first-generation university student. So that resembles many of our students here.

“I think it’s going to be interesting. It would be a great read for every student here because it’s a story about me, but it’s really a story about the University for the last 25 years. So it would really give you a good sense in where we were as an institution and where we are now and where we’re going. It will give a sense of what this place is all about.”

Book Signings

“Lou: From Brooklyn to Broadway, The University of the Incarnate Word’s 25 Years with Dr. Louis J. Agnese Jr.” is on sale for $24.95 at the university bookstore.

Future book-signings include 2:3-4 p..m. Sunday, Dec. 4, at Barnes and Noble at La Cantera; 5-6:30 p.m. Wednesday, at the Twig (Pearl Brewery); and starting at 6 p.m. Monday, Dec. 12, at the annual employee Christmas party in Rosenberg Sky Room.


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