Band plays after midnight at KUIW

By Daisy Guevara


Two members of the Denver, Colo.-based trio, Compass & Cavern, joined “The Daisy Show” on KUIW at midnight Thursday, Oct. 8, to talk about music, philosophy, and Texas traditions.

It was hard to believe band members Will Timbers and Chris Fruci had just gotten off a plane in Austin, drove straight to San Antonio, taken over the studio and play without missing a single beat.

Timbers, a guitarist, and Fruci, a keyboardist, both sing in the band. Drummer Brock Holgate was unable to be with them at KUIW.

The series of events all began Oct. 7 when a handwritten thank-you note came in the mail from the band, thanking KUIW for playing its first self-released album, “Mother of Invention.” The letter concluded with an offer to stop by on their tour of college campuses.

It just so happened the band was going to be in Austin for Austin City Limits that weekend. However, their plane was not set to arrive until 9:40 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 8.

In order to accommodate the band, “The Daisy Show” would go on all night. During the extended show, the band called at 11:04 p.m., letting KUIW know they were en route and expected to arrive at 11:50. Normally, the student broadcasts would end at midnight but the band was told to come on.

After arriving, Fruci and Timbers started off the night with two acoustic versions of songs from “Mother of Invention.”

Compass & Cavern’s sound is made up of modern rock, with a hint of rap, and the synchronized sounds of their voices.

After hearing their crisp synchronization on “Metafor” in the studio, KUIW’s Chris “DJ Chrispycreme” Reyes said he couldn’t believe Timbers and Fruci had just gotten off a plane.

Timbers and Fruci have a longer history together. For five years, they used to be with a band called “Archive Nights.” When the group disbanded, Timbers and Fruci decided to start a new group, placing an ad on Craigslist for a drummer. The trio’s name started a long conversation about philosophy and the meaning of life. “Compass” signifies the quote, “Don’t confuse the map with the territory.” In simplest terms it means you can hear about a place your whole life but you will never understand the beauty of it until you see it for yourself. The word, “Cavern,” came from Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

Getting to KUIW from Austin was a story in itself – one that Fruci shared.

“We Uber’d to a friend’s brother’s car, who drove us to downtown Austin, picked up my brother’s car, using his ukulele, his friend’s guitar, and the first friend’s keyboard,” Fruci said.


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