Artist recycles materials for fund-raising jewelry

By Alyssa Walker
Vicki Siptak, a local artist, put her eco-friendly necklaces on display in the Joyce Building Thursday, March 24, as a part of Incarnate Word Week.
Siptak’s jewelry was mounted on velvet necklace holders in the Tilton Room of the Joyce Building from noon to 2 p.m. while she explained the advantages of jewelry made from sustainable materials to students and others who came to see her work.
“I can’t believe this,” Nabil Gomez, a sophomore at Incarnate Word, said about the jewelry.
“These necklaces look like they have been purchased from a high-class store. I would love to know how I could make my own jewelry from recycled materials. I could have a jewelry-making party with my friends”
Siptak left the business world in 1996 in order to pursue more creative ventures. She has been making necklaces from sustainable materials since 2008.
As well as creating jewelry that will help make the environment, Siptak helps her community by giving her proceeds to charities such as the San Antonio Food Bank.
“I think it’s amazing to find something you love to do and being able to help your community,” Stephanie Carrillo, a sophomore, said about Siptak. “Once you find something you’re passionate about, you can do anything.”

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