Accessibility advocate: ‘Let us pray their e-mail works’

What a relief to learn in Kara Epstein’s September 2011 article, Administrator: Campus addresses accessibility,” that Facilities Director Steve Heying is not simply ignoring concerns about campus accessibility.

Apparently the problem is that his e-mail doesn’t work.

Heying is quoted as stating he has neither made improvements in the last year, nor had complaints.  Apparently he never received the notification of dangerous conditions at the Coates Theatre and the Convocation Center sent to him by Dr. Angela McPherson Williams in her former capacity as director of Student Center and Leadership Activities.

Williams found the conditions so very dangerous that she barred Walk, Roll & Read from using them in its annual Freedom Challenge last year.

In 2007, Dean of Success Sandra McMakin informed us the university had not designated an ADA coordinator, and so all accessibility issues were dumped on Heying’s plate. At the time Heying indicated his nonresponse was due to not receiving e-mail.

Since then, the university has designated an ADA coordinator as required by federal law.  According to the university website, McMakin, Annette Thompson and Sam McDaniel are the designated ADA coordinators.  Let us pray their e-mail works.

Rachel Cywinski


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