Xbox One vs. PS4: The race for November

By Diego Ortega


Microsoft and Sony have been going head to head all summer long in an attempt to win the race for the top video-game console developer.

This November, two new consoles will hit the market and are expected to be the highest-selling, video-game consoles in history.

This summer, both Microsoft and Sony held conferences at the Electronics Expo in Los Angeles, also known as E3. First Microsoft introduced the all-new Xbox One, the next generation console that follows the Xbox 360.

This console may take gaming and entertainment systems to a new level. Voice commands to turn on and off your console, the ability to play and live video chat with your friends simultaneously, and real-time updates during gameplay are a few of the many new features that gamers will experience. The system, which will cost $499, will be available on Nov. 22. The Xbox One will include a KINECT camera, which also allows gamers to personalize their avatars and apply voice commands for gameplay.

Microsoft’s archrival, Sony, will release its newest gaming system — the PS4 — on Nov. 15. Sony’s system includes a new redesigned controller, the ability to download videogames online while playing, instant media uploads, and a sharp new redesigned system. The PS4 will cost you $399, a $100 difference from the competition.

Both companies have directed their attention to the improvement of gameplay and entertainment by revolutionizing new ways to watch TV and surf the web. With the improvement of cloud sevices, both companies have made things such as video sharing and live game updates possible, and have almost completely eliminated matchmaking lobbies for multiplayer online games.

The implementation of mobile device compatibility is another great tactic developers are using to lure gamers. Mobile devices such as tablets and phones will contain personalized applications that allow gamers to play on the move. This gaming style will be limited in order to provide a fun and competitive environment but will be a magnificent way to keep gamers online and connected.

Finally, both companies have also directed much of their attention to independent (Indie) developers. These independent developers have significantly lower budgets than big-name companies and have been given the opportunity to develop new arcade and small games for new consoles. The sole purpose of aiding Indie developers is to promote the development and popularity of video games.

Alongside the release of next-generation consoles will be new major video-game franchises and newest editions of the games we love to play today such as “Call of Duty,” “Ghosts,” “Halo 5,” “Killzone: Shadowfall” and “Battlefield 4.”

Check out the next edition of the newspaper for the newest video game installments, a close look at two of the most anticipated games of November and release dates for your next-generation exclusives.

What will you be playing this November?


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