By Valerie Bustamante

Mexican Train:

A known cargo train known as the “Beast” heading into the United States carrying around 250  migrants from Central America was derailed in a southern part of Mexico killing around 5 and injuring several . Due to the rain that had been occurring greatly the tracks of the train were shifted and moved causing the train to derail from the tracks. The cargo train carries many migrants through many conditions for an opportunity to cross into the U.S. Two cranes were brought to help lift up the eight cargo cars that derailed.


Activist detained:

After holding a rally for his mayoral race, Aleksei A. Navalny was detained brielfly after addressing a crowd of around 7,000 supporters in Moscow. Navalny was taken to discuss many violations included blocking access,  and unapproved amplifiers. Shortly after his release ten of the campign workers were taken and given misdemeanor charges due to disorderly conduct. The Navalny is running for Moscow mayor for the upcoming elections.


Last Gang rape suspects captured:

The last five suspects wanted in the gang rape of a Mumbai photojournalist were captured. One of the suspects was captured in the capital of New Delhi while the other four were captured in Mumbai. Although charges will be set very soon these suspects are said to be sentenced under a new law that sets a maximum term for rape of 20 years. The 22 year old women that was raped was captured along with a male colleague while doing an assignment in the city of Mumbai.


Syria tells U.S not to intervene:

After the chemical attacks recently in Syria, their government has warned the U.S not to bring any military action into Syria due to the sparks in can flare up. On the other hand though President Barack Obama wants to respond to the use of the chemical weapons used in Syria. U.S officials have confirmed that the U.S Navy has sent a “fourth warship armed with ballistic missiles.” There is no response currently for a missile launch in Syria.

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