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Snowstorm kills South Dakota cattle

South Dakota cattle were still in summer pastures when a surprise snowstorm hit the state’s Black Hills, causing an estimated $1.25 million in damage. Cattle, who had not grown out their winter coats, were fully exposed to blinding snow and 70-mph winds. Some wandered miles before collapsing and suffocating in snow drifts. There won’t be a noticeable raise in beef cost, since South Dakota is only a fraction of the nation’s beef suppliers.

Brazilian bus station attacked

A protest march against rising bus rates in the city of Sao Paulo turned violent after an anti-Christ group set a bus on fire and continued to vandalize the transportation system. Police had to Although protests were triggered by transportation costs, wider unrest has been targeted at Brazil’s rising cost of living, poor public services, corruption and misuse of government money.

McDonald’s drops Heinz ketchup

After 40 years of partnership, McDonald’s will stop serving Heinz ketchup. The fast-food chain made this decision after Bernardo Hees, former head of McDonald rival Burger King, took over as Heinz’s chief executive. Hees came in after Heinz was bought by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and Brazilian investment fund 3G Capital. Burger King is controlled by 3G Capital. McDonald’s said it would work with the vendor to ensure a “smooth transition” from the Heinz product.

Russian games test antigay laws

Russia’s passage in June of a federal law banning “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relationships to minors” set off a sustained international outcry and calls to boycott the Sochi Winter Olympics. In protest of the law, the Russian L.G.B.T Sports Federation started the “Open Games” starting three days after the Winter Olympics. The Open Games will be for athletes of any orientation and will consist of eight events including basketball, badminton, swimming and indoor soccer. The Open Games will be financed through participation fees, individual online donations and grants from international supporters. They have invited athletes from Russia, as well as from abroad.

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