UIW slithers to Asian ‘Year of the Snake’

By Leticia Neve


Asia visited the University of the Incarnate Word on Tuesday, Feb. 12, to celebrate the Asian New Year and the beginning of the Year of the Snake.

The celebration, which took place in Marian Hall Ballroom, put together outfits, customs and cultures of different countries in Asia. Assistants in the event were able to appreciate the emblematic dance of the lions presented by UIW’s dance team, a fashion show presented by the Asian culture and the History Club, and dancing and musical presentations from the typical Japanese to the performance of the well-known Bollywood dance.

The ballroom was packed with students, teachers and off-campus guests to taste the free Asian food, learn about Asian cultures and appreciate the different performances. It was a celebration full of color and life, where the decorations and the atmosphere gave the assistants a taste of the other side of the world.



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