UIW fans can follow Cardinals via Twitter

The Athletics Department has created a Twitter account for each sport at the University of the Incarnate Word.

All URLs below begin with www.twitter.com/insertsporthere


UIW Men’s Soccer                     UIWMensSoccer

UIW Women’s Soccer                UIWWomensSoccer

UIW Volleyball                           UIWVolleyball

UIW Men’s Basketball                UIWMensHoops

UIW Women’s Basketball           UIWWomensHoops

UIW Men’s Swim and Dive         UIWMensSwimDive

UIW Women’s Swim and Dive    UIWWomSwimDive

UIW Men’s Tennis                      UIWMensTennis

UIW Women’s Tennis                 UIWWomensTennis

UIW Men’s Track and CC            UIWMensTrackCC

UIW Women’s Track and CC       UIWWomenTrackCC

UIW Synchronized Swimming     UIWSynchroSwim

UIW Baseball                            UIWBaseball

UIW Softball                             UIWSoftball

UIW Men’s Golf                         UIWMensGolf

UIW Women’s Golf                    UIWWomensGolf

UIW Cheer and Dance Team          UIWSpirit

UIW Football                             UIW_Football

 Cardinal mascot over Twitter logo


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