UIW.edu — a follow-up

By Josh Sanchez

Josh Sanchez
Josh Sanchez

Oh, hello UIW homepage. Don’t mind me; I just need to check the blandest-looking Website ever, BannerWeb. By the looks of things, you still haven’t changed much from the last time we met. Oh, but look here. UIW.edu, do my eyes deceive me? Underneath this big gray, boring looking bar on the main page, there’s a link asking me to take a Web redesign survey. Are you asking me, and the entire student body, to help give you a makeover? UIW.edu, I need to confront you about something.

I’ve heard, perhaps through an official meeting I attended Nov. 1 in the Tilton Room last semester, that you may use the University of Alabama and Southern Methodist University as an inspiration for a complete Web redesign that will take effect this year. These are hot schools with hot Websites. I don’t blame you. I’ve also heard you’re thinking about incorporating Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools in the new Website.

You would also like a mobile version of UIW.edu, complete with iPhone applications and mobile Blackboard access. Sexy.

You’re pretty ambitious UIW.edu. It seems you want to make 2010 your year. Good for you. Listen UIW.edu, a word of warning though. You shouldn’t just ask just anyone around here for redesign tips, OK? I mean, have you looked around campus? I’ve seen people around here proudly sashay with socks and sandals on, wearing basketball shorts and wearing official UIW T-shirts every day of the week — sometimes in the winter. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I appreciate you asking the entire student body for advice though. Very democratic of you.

Oh, what’s that? To confront the parking issue UIW has had for years, you would like to install Webcams all around the parking areas so students who access the mobile version can see which parking spaces are available in real time? Oh, you were only kidding.

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"Logos" is the nom de Web of John Miller who is the Convergent Media Manager in the Instructional Technology Department at UIW. You'll see my profile on some content during the testing phase of UIWLogos.org.

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