Students wage ‘Cardinal Wars’

By True McManis


“Cardinal Wars,” a free event hosted by the Campus Activities Board, featured an assortment of games and refreshments Wednesday, Oct. 19, on Ann Barshop Natatorium’s parking lot.

“We had a galaxy theme because we had laser tag,” CAB President Lexi Pedregon said. “We [also] had jousting, face painting, snacks and Jenga — just stuff for everyone to enjoy.”
Jousting and laser tag were among the most popular attractions at the fest. Both the outside events consisted of inflatable platforms.

The jousting arena had two elevated platforms. Participants had to keep their balance on one platform while trying to knock their opponent off theirs.

Laser tag was set up in an inflatable, air-conditioned maze, lit with glow sticks providing a bit of light inside. The lighting made it difficult to see clearly but participants could tell where other players were based on sensors worn on the head that lit up as well as the sound and light effects of the laser guns.

Face painting was also just as popular with attendees. The line grew longer throughout the night as more people saw the results around the event. There were examples of designs that could be done at the station but students were not limited to just those.

Many students had their own ideas and designs they had done, including makeup that imitated characters from recent movies such as “Suicide Squad,” candy skull face paint, and animal makeup.

Many students danced to the live music, and towards the end of the night the giant Jenga blocks served as percussion.

Free white shirts with the phrase “It’s Lit” written in galaxy block letters were given out by CAB, as well as sodas and snacks.

“Cardinal Wars” has been in the works since before the semester even started, and the past month has involved a lot of planning as the organization got vendors and activities together.

Phillips Entertainment, the same company that runs downtown’s Ripley’s Haunted Adventure and World Record Museum, had some live entertainment at the fest as well as a table set up with free candy. A man in stilts walked around and interacted with students while a woman in full zombie makeup hung out on ground level.

Phillips Entertainment is looking for new employees in San Antonio and talked with students looking for part-time jobs. The company was looking for part-time sales associates, emphasizing no experience was necessary.

CAB plans on being involved with the upcoming homecoming tailgate on Nov. 5 and will have UIW themed giveaways and food.

One student gave “Cardinal Wars” a good review.

“Laser tag was pretty cool,” sophomore Michael Wilde said. “Anyone who is not here should be here.”


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