Students, advisers take on ‘Degree Works’ for class planning

By Victoria O’Connor


University of the Incarnate Word students can now plan out their degree path with their faculty advisers without the need of papers, catalog numbers, or confusion thanks to Degree Works.

The new program was made available Oct. 1 to the entire UIW community so students and advisers could get a feel for the new software before registration for spring classes.

Degree Works takes all the information from CAPP, the former degree-planning software, and makes it into a readable, user-friendly interface readily accessible on Bannerweb. CAPP will soon be gone before the end of 2017 and be replaced with Degree Works, said Dr. Glenn James, associate provost for institutional effectiveness and assessment.

“Every student I have heard from that has used it is very excited to see what they are seeing,” James said. “Degree Works is simple for everybody. Freshmen have been happy with it and seniors who now know their degree plan better are also happy with it.”

The information in Degree Works can be accessed anywhere and makes sharing information with family easy and more convenient.

“Advisers can see it for the first time, and it is family-friendly,” James said. “If you want to show it to your family members at home, you can.”

Degree Works not only maps out a degree plan, but also shows students what courses they have completed, what courses they still need, and what courses will satisfy their needed credits.

“It is really easy to see what [students] still need to take,” James said. “They don’t have to guess. They don’t have to look it up in the catalog because Degree Works pulls the information straight out of the catalog.”

Students will soon be learning more about the software and how to use it as the advising season is approaching.

“We contacted all advisers, so now it’s the advisers that reach out to the advisees and let them know to check it out,” James said.


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