Student finds affinity with Germany

By Bethany Melendez


I have always considered myself an independent person.

After graduating from high school I lived on my own for a year. I had an apartment to myself and learned to do things alone.

I missed my family a lot. Eventually, I became comfortable living on my own and was proud of myself for surviving my first year of college.

I felt ready for a new challenge in my life. That challenge would be studying abroad.

That being said, starting a life in Heidelberg, Germany, has been easy.

It felt like home.

I chose this country for a number of reasons, but the most important reason being my heritage.

Both of my grandmothers migrated from Germany to the United States where they started their families.

I am proud to say I have some German blood in my veins.

There is quite a lot of family history I would like to explore while studying abroad.

Another reason I chose Germany is because of its beauty and rich culture. A concern of mine was the language barrier, but it was easier than expected to become accustomed to the German lifestyle.

I was immediately shocked by how well the people of Heidelberg take care of their city by recycling and frequently using public transportation or biking.

It is inspiring to see a community of people thriving in this way.

Between the cobblestone, the castles and the schnitzels I think I will enjoy my time here. It has only been three weeks but it still doesn’t feel real yet.

After all the hard work and endless planning to get here, I am finally living in what feels like a fairytale.

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