Student: English Department should form water advocacy group

The English Department at UIW which forces Composition I and II students to read and write about water from the Water and Culture Reader (WCR) should have an organization that will improve the water crisis.

By creating this organization, UIW students will be known for positively contributing to their community. The organization would also bring the existing stagnate water crisis we read about in the WCR one step closer to being resolved. I believe requiring students to read the WCR for these courses is only the start to the solution. In order to use the WCR to reach its fullest potential, students would need to make an effort to be part of the solution, and that is why I believe this organization needs to be enacted.

Being a part of this school and taking these courses has changed my personal perspective of the value of water and I attribute it to reading the WCR. These courses have incorporated the water and the crisis as a theme. Students read and write about water-related topics which keeps the water crisis on their minds. For me, reading the WCR has increased my awareness of this prevalent issue. I now make a conscious effort in conserving and appreciating the water I come into contact with. Everyone has been taught to not leave the water faucet running while brushing their teeth and that one small effort has gone a long way. So I am asking that we all give a little more effort and create a group that can improve our school, community, city and the world as a whole. This futuristic organization will include water conservation awareness and water-related projects.

Those of you who have been reading the WCR are fully aware of the current water crisis, but before reading it I had no idea there was even a water crisis. Educating people will be beneficial for water conservation efforts because if people in our community are aware of the water crisis they will see a need to conserve and appreciate water. Without a purpose to conserve water, nothing will motivate people to conserve the water. We can also educate people about sanitation and waterborne diseases and the effects poor sanitation can have on people and sometimes even a whole community.

Water-related projects are endless, from irrigating drainage routes for plants and gardens, to raising money for water wells in neighboring countries. Students who will be a part of this organization will benefit with the community service hours required for graduation and with the tools needed to provide service to others. Hopefully students will further their community service after college and be successful in providing solutions to major issues.

This organization would be great for the UIW campus. It would reflect what UIW defines itself to be through its values: faith, service, innovation, truth and education. This organization is ready and waiting to be created. We already have the intention of educating people about the water crisis by requiring the composition classes read and write about it. I look forward to the creation of this group and what it will contribute to our society.


Mercedes Luevano

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