SGA launches campaign to hike student service fee

The Student Government Association is proposing a $45-a-semester increase in the student service fee to make the University of the Incarnate Word competitive in student-leadership activities to comparable universities.

The so-called Student Legacy Fund will be used to improve outdated facilities and increase student ownership in UIW on a scale comparable to Trinity University, Southern Methodist University in Dallas and Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, according to UIW’s SGA.

UIW’s SGA budget is $30,000 a year as compared to TCU’s and Trinity’s $700,000, and SMU’s $300,000, according to UIW’s SGA estimates.

Proponents said the proposed $45-a-semester fee or $90 a year would raise $450,000 a year based on 5,000 students with $50 of the fee going toward a new student center and $10 each toward student organizations, the Wellness Center, a Green Fund and the library.

Student organizations could use their portion toward their yearly budgets. The Wellness Center would use its portion for facility and equipment upgrades. The Green Fund could go toward solar panels, rainwater harvesting and community gardens. The library could use its portion to reduce students’ printing costs and stay open longer.

After a new student center is built, the $50 a year going to the center could be diverted to “large events, such as distinguished speakers, and well-known music artists.”

“Although SGA understands that students never want to increase tuition, we also know that to stay competitive with other universities we must sometimes make unpopular decisions. We truly hope that the student body understands the overall impact of what these funds could accomplish, and we ask that every student makes it a priority to reach out to SGA and vote yes on this initiative. This is not the first type of proposal by a student government. Many other student bodies have voted on similar measures.”Screen-Shot-2012-05-15-at-8.03.19-PM

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