Royal Tailor’s album lifts spirits

By Shannon Sweet


Combining the spiritual message of God with a club and radio friendly sound that can stand up on its own against modern pop giants such as Maroon 5 and The Wanted, Royal Tailor really delivers on majestic proportions.

With a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album for their first release, “Black and White,” under their belt, Royal Tailor is really picking up momentum in the music business without losing their purpose, to inform and to enlighten.

The band is made up of lead singer Tauren Wells, DJ Cox on guitar and backing vocals, Blake Hubbard on bass guitar and doing backup vocals, and Jarrod Ingrams on the drums.

With their new self-titled sophomoric album, the band really pulled out all the stops for fans of Christian rock/pop. The album starts out with “Got That Fire,” an uplifting rap with soul. The lyric – “No matter what your past is, leave it in the ashes” — only confirms from the beginning just what Royal Tailor intends to do to the listener. They intend to be inspiring, not only to Christian audiences. Basically anyone from all faiths and philosophies and fans of pop, rock and rap can enjoy their music.

Other songs feature just as strong and relevant themes, such as being unique in the eyes of God (“original”), being faithful and true in times of despair (“You Are My Rescue”), and the ability to pick back up after trials and tribulations (“Start Over”).

Royal Tailor dabbles in a variety of styles on the album. There is something here for just about anyone’s taste. There is a little R&B, soul, pop rock, dance-pop, and even rap can be found on the album.

Even if you aren’t into Christian music, but have a feel for modern and hip music, give Royal Tailor a listen or two, for both a good beat and a good message.


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