‘Rocky’ rocks with drag queen in scenes

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Several eager and new individuals gathered on stage with a red “V” on their foreheads to signify their purity towards the time warp they were about to enter.

Three Logos editors and I were among those wearing a red “V” awaiting the time warp of the annual production for “The Rocky Horror Show” at Woodlawn Theatre, 1920 Fredericksburg Road.

In honor of Halloween, Woodlawn every year hosts its own production inspired by the 1975 cult classic, “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” that was made famous by Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon.

The theatre’s version of the cult classic follows the eccentric and kooky adventure of couple Brad and Janet, who become lost during a rainstorm and are in dire need of a telephone. The couple, however, stumbles upon the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter from Transexul, Transylvania. After being trapped, Brad and Janet enter a world of musical madness.

During the show the audience is able to become highly active with the cast by doing things such as the classic “Time Warp” dance and shouting out lines to the cast members and getting responses back.

Audience members also are able to purchase their own prop bags that include a newspaper, playing cards, squirt gun, noise maker, party hat, balloon, toilet paper and a glow stick to use during certain song performances.

Audience members who had never seen the show were marked with red “V’s” on their forehead and labeled as virgins. Regular attendees made it aware there were newbies amongst them by shouting out “Virgins!” Anyone whoIMG-14721 was marked was asked to go on top of the stage and introduce him or herself.

While attending the show, attendants were encouraged to dress up, many wearing feather boas, gold spanx, corsets and fishnets.

Since the hiring of Artistic Director Greg Hinojosa, the theatre has invited well-known drag queens and celebrities such as Sharon Needles, Courtney Act, Bianca Del Rio and Michelle Visage from the hit TV show, “Ru Paul’s Drag Race,” to play roles in the production.

For this year’s production, the audience was able to experience many uncontrollable laughs caused by Ginger Minj, the Southern firecracker queen from Florida who was cast as Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Minj stole the hearts of viewers with her take on comedy while participating in the seventh season of “Ru Paul’s Drag Race.”

Known as the ‘Comedy Queen of the South,” Minj was one of the top three finalists competing last spring to become “America’s Next Drag Superstar” along with Pearl and Violet Chacki. Minj became an instant show favorite with her theatrical comedy usage. One of Minj’s most famous acts during the show was her re-creation of the “Eggs Eggs Egg” scene from the Pink Flamingos film by John Waters.

One of Minj’s strengths while competing on the show was her capability to mold herself — something she did for her own version of Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Minj instantly transformed the character with her own comedic style of a little spice, sass and attitude. The Southern queen definitely showcased her theatrical strengths through her amazing vocals and ability to make the character stand out even more.


During the opening act, Minj came on stage hanging in the air by wires while wearing a red-sequined get-up, a bedazzled eye patch and red knee-high stiletto boots. However, she also brought a little of her own signature look while performing, “I’m Going Home,” by working a red side-swept wig and a glorious white-sequined gown.

To spark more giggles between “Drag Race” fans, Minj spat out references throughout the show by mentioning Pearl, Violet Chachki, Jujube, and Jiggly Caliente, former “Drag Race” contestants and fellow drag queens.

For anyone who enjoys comedy, glam rock, sequins, and a good musical; Woodlawn Theatre’s production of the Rocky Horror Show is a must. As shy as I am, “Rocky Horror” definitely got me out of my comfort zone, but in a perfect way. I’d definitely time warp again!


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