REVIEW: ‘Terrific Twain’ tickles funny bones

By Cristina Chavers


“Tales from Terrific Twain,” an Extended Run Players production, offered a night full of laughs and an old-fashioned good time.

Adapted and directed by Bettye Jo Shryock after her research into oft-quoted Twain saying, “Tales from Terrific Twain” was a joke-filled comedy featuring two hosts, Beau (Lew Richmond) and Tye (Frank Williams) who take the audience on a full adventure of Twain’s most famous stories and quotes.

The actors use some of his best stories, one-liners and quotes that you will never forget. The casting for the play was brilliant and the actors brought Twain’s stories back to life.

Although the set only had chairs and stands for the actors to place props on, the simplicity was just right to give the play that magical feeling as if you were right in the room with Twain’s characters.

The singing, dancing and piano-playing all set the mood for this one-of-a-kind experience.

“Tales from Terrific Twain” was funny, charming, memorable and an all-around good time — a play you’ll never forget and would want to see again and again.

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