Review: ‘Bad Santa 2’ sees early walkouts

true-mcmanis-1By True McManis


For fans of the first “Bad Santa,” the sequel will likely seem more of a parody than a real sequel.

“Bad Santa 2” is a dark comedy about a group of raunchy alcoholics working for a charity in an attempt to steal the money earned to spend on children every Christmas.

The film has several plotlines that go nowhere, out-of-place scenes throughout the movie and a distinct lack of funny jokes.

For it to a Christmas movie, “Bad Santa 2” feels completely void of joy.

Whoever wrote the film wrote it as if they were getting paid around how many swears and mediocre insults they could throw into each scene, often somehow at the expense of the comedy and character development.

Because of this, the movie feels a lot longer than it is, and if you remove scenes that were added in exclusively for cheap jokes the full length of the movie would be considerably shorter.                 Many of the jokes were centered on being edgy, and while none of them really offended me, the jokes simply were not very funny.

To take a closer look into this, I want to compare swears to the frosting on a cake, with well-written jokes and development representing the cake. It can be great if added to a good product, but when there’s more frosting than cake things go downhill fast.

This is in stark contrast to the first movie, where many of the funniest scenes weren’t very raunchy at all. The sequel has none of the charm, festiveness or emotional appeal of the first.

It really just begs the question of why this film was made, as I don’t know anyone who was enthralled enough with the original one to truly be excited about a sequel 13 years later.

While some people may love them, the formula of “Bad X” movies is a bit too oversaturated for me and has resulted in many of the movies feeling pretty stale.

Most of the actors throughout the film do a pretty solid job.

Unfortunately, the script didn’t do the actors justice and the timing for jokes in many scenes felt forced and unbelievable.

Almost all the characters were incredibly one-dimensional, and there were several times when the actors almost felt wasted on them.

I cannot in good conscience recommend “Bad Santa 2” to just about anyone.

Many members of the audience left throughout the movie, apparently deciding they had had enough.

Almost none of the jokes are clever or feel well-written or timed.

For anyone looking for something else to see, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” was a much more enjoyable experience.

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