Report shows increase for sexual misconduct

By True McManis  


More incidents of sexual misconduct have been recorded but burglary and robbery cases are on the decrease, according to an annual report issued this fall by the University of the Incarnate Word.

The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, which was released Sept. 30, gave statistics and insight regarding dangers on campus and statistics regarding crimes that have been reported in the last three years on and off campus and on public property.

Last year showed a small increase in sexual misconduct reports, but a decrease in other crimes since 2013, such as burglary and robbery.

Caitlin McCamish, Title IX and compliance coordinator at UIW, said she believes the increase shown in the report is due to a renewed training and outreach effort.

“The more students know how to report issues of concern and the more they know about what the University can do to help, the more comfortable they feel coming forward,” McCamish said. “We do not believe at this time that there is an increase in incidents occurring, but an increase in training and reporting.”

McCamish, a former Bexar County prosecutor, has been speaking to student organizations and classes about sexual misconduct as well as sex and gender discrimination. Title IX and campus safety information has been presented at every freshman orientation session and online training is now mandatory for first-year students. Anyone with concerns regarding sexual misconduct can use the online reporting option under the Title IX section on the campus website.

In addition to crimes, the report also has information on incidents not considered crimes under the Texas Penal Code, but are violations of UIW policy. Sexual harassment, for example, is a violation of University policy while not technically a crime.

Tips on how to reduce the risk of sexual assault and information on how to prevent it as a bystander are included. The bystander intervention mentioned in the report revolves around being aware of the situations others are in, and offers various ways to help prevent harmful behavior. Many prevention and awareness programs will be offered during Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.

The report also details the school’s drug and alcohol policy, including punishments for violations and what may or may not be considered an offense. While liquor law violations have increased slightly, drug abuse violations have decreased slightly.


The annual security report can be accessed from the campus police page on the college website.

For a written copy, contact the UIW Police Department by sending an e-mail to or calling (210) 829-6030.

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