‘Print – dead? Not in my life

Priscilla AguirreBy Priscilla Aguirre


“Print is dead” and “Your degree is a waste” are just some of the things that have been said to me by professors, advisers and colleagues about my planned career.

Every time I hear those words come out of someone’s mouth I automatically become disappointed in them, especially if a communication arts professor confesses that.

Not only are they attacking the reason I’m in school but they are also attacking my future profession. They are attacking my passion and love for journalism.

Sometimes I’m in class and the professor will speak badly about the Logos or print journalism. Being the assistant editor and a strong advocate for journalism, my classmates then look at me, awaiting my response.

Most of the time I don’t react and let it be. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.

But you know what? The Logos has won many awards and sure it doesn’t get the credit it deserves, but the editors and staff work extremely hard to put together every issue. Notice that.

I leave the class feeling unappreciated and ignored. It makes me believe the future isn’t going to look well when I graduate and then the anxiety kicks in. All because someone told me I’m wasting my time getting a degree in journalism.

Once I’m done feeling sorry for myself, I bounce back and realize their ignorance can’t influence my career.

Yes, I do acknowledge the fact that print journalism is declining due to the Internet but writing will always be a skill you can take anywhere.

The knowledge I obtain from my degree will take me places. My degree is worth something.

When I graduate I plan on being happy at my job.

I chose this line of work because I want to have a voice — not to be rich.

For this column, I’m going to use my voice with words to explain how wrong it is to say something negative about anybody’s profession or future endeavors.

Choosing your career choice and finding what makes you happy is hard enough, so bashing someone for his or her choice doesn’t help.

If you are a professor and you tell your students their degree is a waste of time or you should switch majors, well then you should know you are wrong for speaking those words.

Give them advice. Don’t put them down. Explain to them that to make it in this field is hard but it can be done if you are driven enough to do the work.

They took your class to learn more about their major, not to be discouraged from it.

Yes, you can be truthful to your students and let them know how the real world works, but bringing them down on their career path is a different idea.

That idea gives the students doubts and concerns for their future.

Unfortunately, rude and hateful comments won’t ever go away so the way to handle it is to prove them wrong. Prove your degree is worth every penny. Prove you will make it in the real world and get the job of your dreams. Prove you are passionate about your line of work and you can make a living out of it.

I plan on doing just that and one step further to accomplishing that is writing this column. I hope the professors, advisers and colleagues who made those comments read this and realize print isn’t dead.

Print will never be dead because reporters and writers will always have something to write about. If it were dead, then this article, that explains your wrongdoing, wouldn’t be published.


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