Pressure mounts on softball team

By Ivonne Martinez


UIW Cardinal head on softballThe Lady Cardinals were 18-11 before heading into this week’s competition where the women will face at home their biggest rival, Angelo State.

The competition is getting stiffer and the pressure is mounting up.

The Lady Cardinals continue to play hard despite problems such as the weather. So far, six games have been cancelled due to rain. Despite this patchy start, the Cards managed to have a four-game winning streak before losing two of three games to Abilene Christian.

Local Alamo Heights resident and fan Sylvia Torres, 42, said the girls played with heart throughout the entire game.

“It was a very good game,” Torres said. “We come here as often as we can and these girls are really tough.”

Sophomore Ashley Freeman, a shortstop for UIW from Canyon Lake, heads into the mid-season with 25 hits and leads the conference with the highest batting average of .472.

“Besides her batting she’s a really good defender and makes some amazing plays for us,” Assistant Coach Amanda Gamboa said. Another player making news is junior pitcher Briana Sanchez of San Antonio who was named preseason pitcher of the year.

The team is in sixth place within the Lone Star Conference midway into the softball year and although the team sits low in the standings, it’s still too early to dismiss them from making the finals.

“It’s still up in the air,” Gamboa said. “It’s too early to determine which teams have a sure spot for the finals.”


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