Players prepare for ‘Reckless’ run

By Nancy Benet


A young woman’s journey of self-discovery after an attempt on her life by her husband is the focus of “Reckless,” the University of the Incarnate Word’s next Theatre Department production.

“Reckless,” a play by Craig Lucas, opens Friday, Nov. 13, in Elizabeth Huth Coates Theatre. The production, directed by Dr. Robert Ball, chair of theatre arts and dance, continues Nov. 14-15 and Nov. 18-20.

“It’s a story of a woman who has been living in a fantasy world and thinks that her life is perfect up until the moment where her husband tells her that he’s taken a contract out on her life,” Ball said. “She doesn’t believe him but as someone breaks into their house, she is forced to go on this wild journey where she comes into her own as a person.”

Rachel, a 19-year-old woman played by theatre arts senior Sandra Alonso of San Antonio, escapes when her husband attempts to take her life at home by jumping out of a window. Forced to flee in her nightgown and slippers, she embarks on a bizarre, dreamlike journey in which she’s picked up by a stranger in the snow, meets a paraplegic who’s pretending to be a deaf-mute, wins $100,000 on a Freudian game show, witnesses a double-murder, flees from the police, ends up pretending to be mute in a homeless shelter, and witnesses yet another murder.

Rachel’s journey of self-discovery ironically takes place during Christmas time. She spends a joyful season commonly spent celebrating with one’s family trying to run away from her life in order to find it.

“This play speaks to and has relevancy to a lot of people because although Christmas is a wonderful and joyful time, it is also a time when people are really depressed,” Ball said. “Depression is at its peak and the suicide rates go off the rails. In the play, it looks like we’re kind of caught as individuals between the lives that we wish we had and what is actually true.”

When Alonso auditioned in August for “Reckless,” she didn’t know she would end up getting the leading role as Rachel.

“Everyone in the department auditions and it is up to the director to decide which role you get so I didn’t know who I was auditioning for,” Alonso said. “This play just seemed so fun and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Rachel is so different from me so it is a lot of fun to play someone who doesn’t exactly respond to things the way that I would respond to them. She is a little spacey and makes rash decisions so that makes her a really fun character to play.”

Rachel always seems to have problems during the Christmas season, Alonso said.

“Rachel starts off really loving Christmas,” Alonso said. “She has this childish view on Christmas and she gradually grows to accept and visualize why people have a hard time during the holidays.”

After her escape, Rachel encounters a number of people such as psychiatrists, portrayed by UIW faculty, and other characters that help guide her during her journey. Lloyd, a character played by theatre arts major Tyler Smith of San Antonio, is one of the characters that Rachel encounters.

“Rachel and I meet one night and I, along with my wife, help her out and take her in as part of our family,” Smith said. “Although we are all helping Rachel, we are all running away from something.”

As serious as the play sounds, it has a comical twist to it. Rachel has an amusing personality that makes the play a bit of a comedy.

“Rachel is so frantic and she has to say everything that she is thinking out loud,” Alonso said. “There are several scenes where she just can’t stop talking and I think that she is so fun in that way. I love the way her mind works.”


    “Reckless” is under the direction of Dr. Robert Ball, chair of the Department of Theatre Arts.

  The play opens in Evelyn Huth Coats Theatre at 8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 13, and continues at 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 14; 2 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 15; 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 18; 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 19; and 8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 20.

   The scene design is by Christopher McCollum, lighting design is by Justin Bennett, and the costume design is by Margaret Mitchell.

   UIW faculty, staff and students get in free with UIW ID. Otherwise, tickets are $10 for adults, $9 for senior citizens, $8 for non-UIW students, and $6 each for groups of 10 or more

    For more information, call (210) 829-3800. or e-mail

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