New SGA president seeks better communication

By Lauren Peterson


Sophomore Kimberly Ibarra is not new to the Student Government Association.

StKimberly Ibarra2arting off as a freshman senator, the 19-year-old accounting and management information systems major from Laredo served as an Executive Council intern, got moved up to treasurer and then vice president last fall when Stephen Lucke resigned as president and Michelle Wilk took his place.

After receiving the majority of the popular vote in spring elections, Ibarra, a former “Senator of the Year,” is the new SGA president. Heretofore, she has served as historian for the Business Club and volunteered with the National Hispanic Institute over the summer, since she participated in 2010.

Now leading the SGA will get her attention.

“There is a lot that needs to get done in SGA,” Ibarra said. In her application for president, she said communication and organization are two of the biggest hurdles that must be overcome within SGA.

This means SGA is looking for students to give feedback on new additions to campus and any ideas students may have to better the campus, Ibarra said. For instance, letting students know what the Student Legacy Fund is, its purpose and what can be accomplished through it such as

new drinking fountains that were installed in the Wellness Center where Ibarra has been a Zumba instructor.

Improved communication about the fund between the SGA and its constituents is one of her major goals, she said.

“We want these projects to last a long time for future students,” Ibarra said. “If students and faculty can appreciate what SGA does with the help of students and can communicate back, we can make a change that stays.”

The Student Legacy Fund will be revoted on every three years, she said. This is to ensure it is worthwhile to the school and students. If students feel the fund is not worth it, then SGA does not have to continue with the fund. This is why communication between the student body and SGA is imperative.

“My vision is that we do everything for a reason. I would like to see us realize that students didn’t come here to be UT or Baylor. They came to be a UIW Cardinal.”

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