New mobile app allows organization, course access

By Lauren Villanueva


Information Technology Services is now introducing an updated UIW App that has integrated Blackboard Mobile Learn for iOS and Android devices.

University of the Incarnate Word students can access their student organizations and any current courses quickly on their mobile device with the added feature.

The new Blackboard Mobile Learn was added to the UIW application Oct. 14 for iOS devices and Nov. 4 for Android devices. ITS expects the update to be available to Blackberry users before spring break next year.

“We understand the importance of mobility and flexibility in the lives of our students and are committed to identifying and implementing apps and other solutions that meet their needs,” Chief Information Officer Marshall Eidson said.

The ITS has been running a version of Blackboard Mobile Learn about a year, but was limited to specific users. Due to high student demand, the feature was integrated to a full version without limitations for iOS and Android users.

Campus usage of Blackboard Mobile Learn has greatly increased since its integration into the UIW application with almost as many users using the feature in the last month than had been used the entire previous year.

As of Nov. 18 there have been a total of 5,880 downloads to the UIW application on all three platforms:  iOS, Android, and Blackberry. This fall alone, campus usage has gone up by almost 190 percent since Blackboard Mobile Learn was integrated.

“We are very pleased with the adoption of mobile apps on the UIW campus,” Eidson said. “It is a testament to the sophistication of our students and their understanding that learning can take place anywhere and anytime, and technology helps enhance and reinforce this concept.”


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