Navajo weaver shows her craft on campus

By Kasandra Martinez


Beverly Allen, a Navajo master weaver, gave weaving technique demonstrations and instructions to students who stopped by her tent on Dubuis Lawn Nov. 11-14 in honor of Native American Heritage Month.

With the demonstrations being held mornings and afternoons, more students were able to experience Allen’s unique talent.  However, when a cold front hit the university on Wednesday morning, Nov. 13, Allen’s demonstrations were moved to an open area in the Joyce Building a building next to. ,
Allen’s appearance was arranged by her friend, Dr. Sally Said, a longtime professor of modern languages at the University of the Incarnate the university.

Allen said she learned how to weave at the age of 17. Her mother-in-law taught her the craft, even though both her mother and grandmother both knew how to weave, Allen said.

“It was neat seeing how she was making the rug,” UIW student Jessica Gonzales said. “I couldn’t believe how fast she was doing it and never messed up. It was perfect every time. Hearing her story about how she learned was something that caught my attention. I loved how her mother-in-law had taught her at a young age and (Allen) has carried on that tradition.”

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