Music Center boasts top-of-the-line recording studio

By Brittany Dieke


A state-of-the-art music studio in the Luella Bennack Music Center is allowing University of the Incarnate Word students to use industry-like tools.

The studio is equipped with all the software and tools needed to record and produce industry-quality tracks. It was also built with a main engineering room, designed with individual recording rooms with enough space for any instrument to fit.

“It’s really not a stretch to say that this is a state-of-the-art music studio,” said Jim Waller, coordinator of music industry studies. “It’s just as good as what you’d find in Los Angeles or New York.”

The studio’s qualities are no coincidence.

“It’s designed by one of the top studio designers in the world — Russ Berger,” Waller said.

Berger, owner of the Russ Berger Design Group, has designed studios and home theaters for some of the most elite in the business. Their music studios have been built for companies such as NFL Films, WWE and NPR, while their home theaters cater to the likes of those such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Michael Bolton.

Waller said the studio features hand-chosen equipment, including a Solid State Logic console made in Oxfordshire, England, a 24-track tape deck, and Pro Tools. The studio is built with the importance of sound isolation in mind for better recording quality of sound acoustics.

Waller also noted that while he has an in-home studio, designed with the help of Berger, he is now spending a lot more time in the university’s music studio.

Currently, there has only been one class held in the new music studio, which took place last spring. However, there should be a second class held in the studio this spring.

The UIW music studio has plans to eventually be open to the public part-time, while still

providing an exclusive type of access to students and offering recording services in the future. This kind of studio access will allow students to work as engineers in a real-world setting, Waller said.

The studio has hosted and recorded several artists such as Richie Cole, Bill Watrous, and the latest being Johnny P. and The Wiseguys, who Waller said, has played trumpet and sang with the UIW Jazz Band.

While only jazz has been recorded in the studio thus far, there is an open door for any genre. Since the studio has so many capabilities, many different things can be recorded in the studio, Waller said.


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