Lasting ‘Light the Way’ memories By Gaby Galindo

img-3159By Gaby Galindo

Being at this past “Light the Way” celebration on Nov. 19 was a magical experience that left me with many mixed emotions.

When I sat in the stands with fellow seniors Valerie (Bustamante, Logos editor) and Priscilla (Aguirre, an assistant editor), it occurred to me this would likely be the last time we enjoyed the “Light the Way” event as official UIW students.

This sudden realization — combined with the joy and excitement of the ceremony — made me dizzy. Of course, we could always come back as graduates or alumni, but to me it wouldn’t be quite the same. The same goes for all the other special events on campus. Before I was enrolled here, my family and I would make trips to see the UIW lights every year. Those times were wonderful as well, but I think it’s a lot more meaningful and special when you participate at “Light the Way” as a Cardinal.

I tried to put these thoughts aside and focus my attention on the ceremony. As luck would have it, I had the opportunity to photograph this “Light the Way” event for the paper one last time, alongside freshman Bethany (Melendez), our photo editor, and members of UIWtv.

One of the best moments for me — besides the lighting and free cookies — was standing in the middle of the field when the UIW community joined together in prayer and illuminated their cell phones, a sign of unity and hope in “lighting the way” for the future. It was a very beautiful and touching sight to behold, one I think I’ll always remember.

Yes, this year’s “Light the Way” was a little bittersweet for me, but I’m grateful I got to “light the way” with my camera flash and share my experience with my friends and family.

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