Keeping a year-round eye on those abs

By Barbara Trevino


   While everyone in the north has the luxury of hibernating this winter, we are fortunate enough to still catch some sunshine this fall and winter.

And you know what that means if you are from San Antonio — it still feels like summertime.

Maintaining rock-hard abs all year-round can be a tough thing to do, but adding a little variety to the average crunch can make your workouts fun. Next time you hit the gym, try executing these workouts like my gym buddy, Andrew.


TRX Mountain Climbers


Start in a prone (face-down) position on the floor facing away from the TRX. Keep your arms extended and shoulder width apart. Place the insteps of both feet in the TRX straps. Slowly lift hips and keep torso parallel to the floor.

b)    Engaging your core, slowly bring one knee in towards your chest. Still maintaining a tight core, bring knee back down and alternate to opposite knee.

c)     Continue alternating back and forth until fatigue. To increase difficulty, try alternating quickly.



For this exercise, you will need a pull-up bar. Start by hanging from the pull-up bar,  supporting your own weight with hands in a pronated position.

b)    Keeping your arms and legs straight and extended, ascend legs until toes touch the bar. Continue exercise. Try doing 10 in a row.

c)     If needed, use a swinging momentum to bring legs upward. The goal is to keep the core tight throughout exercise.

Reverse Crunches

a)     In a supine (face-up) position lying on the floor, extend legs down to a 45-degree angle from the floor, keeping both legs together. Maintain arms extended overhead.

b)    Engaging your core, slowly bring both knees in towards your chest.

c)     Again, bring legs back down into a 45-degree angle. Do three sets of 30.

Try adding a little variety into your core exercises this “winter.” I know how boring crunches can be, so try doing the same crunching motion in a new way! TRX Mountain Climbers, Toes-To-Bar and Reverse Crunches are great core exercises to maintain tight abs year-round.

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