Intramurals: A good way to meet people, play sports

By Niko Castro


There are many ways to make new friends at the University of the Incarnate Word, whether it’s joining one of the school’s clubs, or attending events sponsored by the university.

If a student is interested in engaging in athletic competition, then UIW’s intramural program could be right for that particular student. Intramural sports are recreational sport leagues available to UIW students, faculty and administration to participate in.

Many sports are offered in the UIW intramurals program – look online for a complete list or go by the Wellness Center – including softball and soccer. The most popular sports according to numerous students, are basketball and volleyball because they are played indoors. A scheduled event in those sports is almost always certain, unlike their outdoor counterparts that can be changed often due to the weather.

There are many benefits to participating on an intramural sports team. It is a great way for students to meet new people on UIW’s rapidly growing campus. It is also a great way to stay in shape and to relieve the stress that students suffer from their classwork and daily lives. If a student enjoys sports but doesn’t have the time or the resume to be a college athlete, then intramural sports could be the perfect fit.

Many students have enjoyed after-class athletics over the years. Most intramural athletes describe it as one of the main things they look forward to during the school week — if not the main thing. Members get to see their classmates and other friends who might have different majors but are brought together due to mutual interest in sports.

“I have absolutely benefited from intramural sports,” said Michael Brandly-Molett, a communication arts major concentrating in production. “I have built many long-lasting friendships at UIW from the sports I’ve played.”


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