Help wanted with fall frenzy

10480105-702979213084528-3377719475885110896-oBy Gaby Galindo


Fall has always been an especially busy time of year for me. There are holiday preparations, the 2016 election inching closer, midterms, and such.

But this is perhaps the busiest I have ever been in my academic career. I’m currently taking 18 hours this semester and will likely take on 18 more in the spring.

This is my own doing since I decided to change my major from English to communication arts after my sophomore year. Now I have to cram classes to make up for lost time if I hope to graduate on time.

In addition, there are my responsibilities for the Logos, the UIW Peer Mentorship Program (which has combined efforts with the Admissions, Financial Aid, and Career Services offices), UIWtv, and now my new internship – a course required for graduation — at Local Community News.

This semester has me running around in circles and pushing my organization, planning, and time management skills to the extreme. There are moments where I feel everything collapsing around me and that I just can’t go on any farther.

Then I remember fellow Cardinals, now graduated, and all the challenges they faced during school. Some had more than one job, families and children to take care of, limited transportation, little money for school supplies, and other difficult situations at home, school or work. I think of them in moments of despair and remember how hard they fought to get where they are now. I see all they’ve accomplished.

Everybody is experiencing hardships and facing different obstacles in their life right now. And it’s not always obvious when someone is struggling. They might feel they must face their trouble alone, or maybe they’re afraid to impose and ask others for help — like me.

That’s why it’s always important to lend a hand and show kindness to everyone. You don’t know what that person may be going through, and a small helpful gesture would mean the world to them.

Maybe it will help them realize it’s just a bad day, not a bad life, and that tomorrow will bring new opportunities to rise above what life throws at them next.


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