Greeks grow after rush

By Valerie Bustamante


Greek fraternities and sororities have added more students to their chapters after conducting rush the last week of January to round up potential members for their chapters.

Participating fraternities and sororities included Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Sigma Tau, Delta Beta Chi, Delta Xi Nu, Chi Phi, Kappa Sigma and Lambda Chi Alpha.

To be eligible to rush, students must have at least completed one semester of 12 college credits, be a full-time student, and hold a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

“Spring rush is especially important to the Greeks because we can recruit freshmen,” said Chi Phi Vice President Kevin Barton. “As a rule, the University doesn’t allow freshmen to rush until they have completed at least one semester. (Rush) structure is very basic – it’s a chance to get a peek into what Greek life is all about.”

During the course of the week, each fraternity held events for the guys on campus to attend. The events put on by the four different fraternities consisted of barbecues, Wiffle Ball, and fishing in order for the guys to meet fraternity members.

“The whole week is filled with different events for the guys interested in joining,” Barton said. “They get to meet the other members and really get a feel if the Greek life is for them. The purpose [though] is to give potential new members a taste of what being a part of the fraternity is like.

“We try to make our rush events as much like our regular events as possible for that reason.  One of our more popular events is going to the bowling alley, so we try to have at least one event at the bowling alley. Another event we have are barbecues, so we have a barbecue during rush week. Each fraternity is a little different, but we’ve had a lot of success doing ours that way.

“For the fraternities, you first must express interest and get to know the brothers and submit an application on OrgSync to the Greek Life office.”

After the week of events, the fraternities ended it with “Bid Day” where the rushees are given a bid if they want to accept the process of becoming a new member. Each rushee can either deny or accept their bid.

“At the end of rush week, it is up to the fraternities to contact the eligible prospects and decide whether or not to extend a bid,” said Matthew Guerrero, vice president of fraternity recruitment for Lambda Chi Alpha. “The prospective member has the choice of whether or not to accept the bid. The following Monday, each organization has the opportunity to show off their accepted bids at Bid Day.”

After members accept the bid, the “new member” process begins.

“In the new member process, you are taught everything you need to know to be a brother of the fraternity and attain a leadership position,” Barton said. “As a new member you become closer to the brothers and the other new members so that once you are initiated the ice is already broken. The final step is initiation in which you become a full member of the brotherhood.”

For the sororities, recruitment is quite different.

Weeks before spring recruitment, a Sorority Info Night was held in order for the sororities and Pan-Hellenic Council to show what each chapter is about.

After this event, formal recruitment came along where the potential pew members (PNMs) were guided by the Rho Gammas.

“During the process [a few girls] gave up their letters,” Pan-Hellenic Council President Beatriz Granados said. “They are called Rho Gammas. [They] must disaffiliate themselves from their sorority. They give up their letters because they serve as guidance counselors during this process.”

Spring recruitment lasted four days. On the first day, potential new members met all four sororities and selected their top three preferences, with whom they met on day one. On day two, they met the top three choices and narrowed them down to only two.

“On day three was Preference Night,” Granados said. “In order to attend each sorority will call the PDMs whom they wished to extend an initiation to spend day three with. After that was the final day, ‘Bid Day,” when each PNM revealed to the sororities which chapter they had chosen. The Rho Gammas were also reunited with their sisters.

Vice President of Sorority Recruitment Cissy Gutierrez said seeing her father involved as a Greek impressed her.

“My dad was a Greek (Kappa Sigma) and I always saw what an impact it had on him,” Guitierrez said. “I saw that no matter what — his brothers were there for him even after college. I wanted something like that. I wanted people I could count on and that would be there for me.

“You can have ‘sister-like’ friendships with anyone, but in a sorority it’s the accountability that sets those friendships apart. I [want to] tell future PNMs that even if they aren’t sure about recruitment to come check it out. Most people end up being surprised how much they love the environment. It’s something I can’t really explain. You really have to experience it to know what I am talking about.”


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