Grad students plan international travel for global program

By Alejandra Chapa

Special to the Logos

Some University of the Incarnate Word graduate students are trying to raise thousands of dollars to fund opportunities for them to develop global competencies in leadership.

The training and international traveling are part of the Triple Helix Executive Leadership Global Competitiveness Program established by Dr. Osman Ozturget, an assistant professor in the Dreeben School of Education.

Ozturget said he hopes the program – the first of its magnitude in the United States — can begin operating this summer. It is designed to provide a global perspective on global leadership practices through a broader understanding of the collaboration of academia, industry, and government across the continents.

The first of five training modules will take place in Asia, covering Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Training sessions will include workshops conducted by government officials, business and higher education leaders in each of the three locations. The focus will be on how these three nations engage in a process of mutually beneficial leverage of resources to create or discover new knowledge, technology, or products and services.

The goal is to fund several of the modules which include: Middle East in 2014 (Turkey, Northern Cyprus and Greece); Africa in 2015 (Tanzania, Ghana and Uganda); Europe in 2016 (Germany, France and Italy), and Latin America in 2017 (Mexico, Chile and Peru).

“As a doctoral student, this will not only be an opportunity to experience Asia in a non-traditional manner but also an avenue to start gathering data for my dissertation proposal which is centered around the Triple Helix theory,” said program participant Trinidad Macias.

Efforts to raise funds have begun and members of the program are reaching out to businesses and individuals asking for donations.

“These (donations) will allow for graduate students to limit out-of-pocket spending since funding is so limited to us,” said Macias. “Money donated to (program) will in turn provide the university and surrounding industries the opportunity to utilize these students as resources for professional development at the global level.”

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