Fraternities, sororities start informal recruiting

By Nancy Benet


Recruiting for Greek Life has officially kicked off at the University of the Incarnate Word.

UIW Greek students have begun to recruit incoming freshmen and other potential Greek members into their sororities and fraternities, where they offer a community for students to be a part of.

Greek Life at UIW is different than Greek Life at other universities because the term “rush” is not used as a form of recruitment. Instead of dedicating only a week to get to know to the sororities and fraternities UIW has to offer, Greek students recruit for a semester. A semester, rather than a week, of recruitment allows potential Greek students at UIW to get informed and familiarize themselves with all of the houses they are interested in.

Although formal recruitment has not started yet, Greeks at UIW have started to host and participate in informational events in order to provide potential Greek members with information about all of the sororities and fraternities.

“Multiple organizations that are part of UIW Greek Life took part in these events where all potential Greek students were welcome to come out, meet us and get information from the houses,” said junior Mercedes Esquivel, public relations chair for Alpha Sigma Alpha.

“During the fall semester, we have what you call ‘informal recruitment’ which means we recruit only by hosting events for informational purposes and informing new students as much as possible. That way, when the time comes for formal recruitment, they have a good idea of which house they like the most.”

Among those events – all on Dubuis Lawn – were “Meet the Greeks,” Aug. 18; Student Government Association’s Activities Fair, Aug. 20; and “Sorority Life,” Aug. 25.

“ ‘Sorority Life’ was a really laidback event where girls were able to come to us and ask UIW sororities any questions they had about the individual houses, or recruitment in general,” Esquivel said. “We got to know a lot of the girls who were interested in being recruited and it gave us a good idea about who we wanted to recruit.”

Unlike during formal recruitment, informal recruitment allows potential Greeks to pick and choose which events they want to attend.

“If someone is interested in only two out of four houses, they can choose to only go to the events hosted by those two houses during informal recruitment,” Esquivel said. “They do not have to attend every event by every house.”

Even though all students are welcome to join UIW Greek Life, there are some standards that need to be met in order to qualify for formal recruitment. Before going through recruitment, a student must have completed at least 12 hours while maintaining a minimum 2.5 grade point average.

“Of course some houses have higher GPA requirements than others but the minimum is 2.5,” Esquivel said. “It really all depends on which house you decide you want to join. If you are an incoming freshman with no college hours completed, then you would have to wait until you have the required hours completed.”

Official recruitment will begin during the spring semester.

“Even though we don’t formally recruit during the fall semester, it is still a great idea for interested students to attend as many events as possible so they can start getting to know the houses and putting their name out there,” Esquivel said. “That way when it comes time for formal recruitment, they will be able to have a better and more accurate idea of which house fits them best.”